Special Products:

Tri-axial 1.4 mm OD; low cap (max 38 pF/m) OD 1.8 mm; triple shielded coax including mu-metal shielding of 145db isoltion. Customized cut-stripped tip soldered lengths, connector fitted assemblies / trees.


GARG designs and manufactures PTFE sleeves and tubings as per MIL and JSS standards



PTFE Sleeves/Tubings
  • High Performance from -200°C to 260°C (Peak 300°C) 
  • Unaffected at soldering temperatures; Autoclavable 
  • Suitable for High-Density wiring; Smooth Internals allow closer fit 
  • Superior Tape-Wrapping-Sintering (TWS) Method provides good mechanical  stability, high burst pressure, superior tear resistance; and long flex-life 
  • High Dielectric Strength 
  • Resistant to UV Radiation; Freedom from Ageing, Fungus, Water Absorption 
  • Fire non-propagating 
  • Inert to almost all chemicals, solvents, fluxes, oils (few exceptions);  Biocompatible; Zero extractables 
  • 100% Inspected


  • As per MIL-I-22129C USA Military Standards and Indian JSS 54802;  Type-Approved for Indian Defence since 1991 
  • Rated Break Down Voltages (BDV) as follows: 
Wall thickness BDV (AC RMS)
0.25mm 11.5KV
0.30mm 14.6KV
0.40mm 16.3KV
0.50mm 17.0KV
  • Inner Dia of 0.3 - 16.0 mm 
  • Heat-Shrink Tubings of PTFE under development 

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