Special Products:

Tri-axial 1.4 mm OD; low cap (max 38 pF/m) OD 1.8 mm; triple shielded coax including mu-metal shielding of 145db isoltion. Customized cut-stripped tip soldered lengths, connector fitted assemblies / trees.


As high definition audio/video technology continues to advance, the specification for HDMI cabling is occasionally modified to ensure broad compatibility and maximum performance.

Garg HDMI 2.0 Cables able to produce a higher resolution up to 4K at 50/60 (2160p), which is four times the clarity of 1080p/60 video resolution allowing people to experience a higher definition quality.The excellent signal integrity of our cables can enable utilization of smaller gauge cables in your system . Due to better electrical performance and long distance garg HDMI cable can reduce the need for the additional signal amplification.Garg cable provide a reliable in a variety of civil aerospace applications like In Flight Entertainment System,System intelligency, and many commercial AV applications .


Garg Advantages-

We provide:
  • Garg HDMI2.0 Cable provide a light weight and Reduced OD while providig reliable and durable protection in stiff environment.
  • Higher video resolution up to 4K at 50/60 (2160p).
  • Excellent signal integrity for high-speed data transmission .
  • Dynamic synchronization of video and audio streams.
  • It can be use for Portable Electronic Device and intelligence system.


Differential Impedance: - 100±10Ώ
Voltage Rating: - 150V
Skew Delay: - 15pS/m
Temp.Rating: - -65 to 200 Ċ
Insulation - PTFE,PTFE+ePTFE
Conductor - Silver Plated Copper
Jacket Material - Fluoropolymer
Jacket Colour - White

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